Is Surgery make my penis get bigger!

penis surgery


Surgery is another remedy for increasing the size of the penis. The only concern about surgical procedures is that they usually carry some risks. These can lead to complications immediately or later in life. Examples of the risks that are associated with penis enhancement surgery include anesthesia, pain, wounds taking too long to heal, scars and deformation of the penis. In worst cases, you might even end up with permanent erectile dysfunction.

Surgery is mainly recommended for men with micro penises that are smaller than 2.75 inches. However, only about 0.5% of the male population in the world has this condition. Although it is effective, the risks of penis enlargement through surgery are greater than the rewards. Therefore, this should be the last option to consider when you want to get a bigger penis.

There are many remedies for penis enlargement. They include foods, supplements, and pills. However, penis enlargement-based training is the safest method that has been proven effective.

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